KAYAK GHOST TOURS - Kayak Zen & Amelia Island Adventures
Kayak Rentals $40/person & Guided Tours $50/person 
(Large group discounts available)
May-Oct.-: Rentals 10:15am  and Guided tours 8am
Nov.-May: Rentals 12pm-2pm and Guided tours 10am

(self-guided kayak tours)
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Kayaks rentals witha easy calm route of one way up and back route, and kayak mini-instruction for beginners and families who want to kayak at their pace. Romantic kayaking in a lovely location. A kayak safari in Amelia Island Area.  Kayak Rentals are easy and inexpensive. Saturdays at Melton Nelson boat ramp in Yulee, and Sundays at Amelia Island.

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Enjoy a peaceful Kayak experience.  We offer exceptional quiet family "Guided" kayak or SUP tours. Includes: kayak, paddle, vest with fun interesting info, legends & fun!! Enjoy the Amelia Island area with its natural safari of birds, fish, turtles, and learn about the local botanical wildlife of the area.Learn to paddleboard in the ocean or the creeks.  Wet and  cool!Let a guide help you explore the hidden treasures of  Amelia Island & Yulees natural beauty. 

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*March 26th
*April 23 
*May 21 
*June 7 and June 18th

little blue springs

To book with us, simply call/text and provide your name, phone, email, credit card (even coupon holders will need to provide a credit card for security of the equipment). A valid drivers license is required upon arrival. 

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