KAYAK GHOST TOURS - Kayak Zen & Amelia Island Adventures

#1  Botanical Family Self Guided/Guided TOUR

The botanical tour is next to Amelia Island in Yulee where you can explore the beautiful old South with the lovely mossy oaks hanging over the creek as well as a variety of plants that line the black water mystical creek.  Plenty of fish jumping, turtles on logs, and birds throughout the creek.  Learn about legends, eco environment and some history of the local area as well. Ages 5yrs and up. Safe for beginners. Restrooms available. Self-guided or guided. MWFS

#2 SEA Life TOUR

The Salt Life tour is for experienced healthy fit paddlers age 10yrs. and older. Explore a salt water creek and the marina.  Shore birds, the marina, occasional dolphins, manatees, lots of fish in a salt water creek on Amelia Island. (Must be age 14yrs or older, physically fit,  for this tour for safety precautions.) Restrooms Available. 

#3 Native Hike & Kayak Tour

The Native Hike & Kayak tour is a unique tour located on a historical Timucuan preserve just twenty minutes East of the Jax Zoo.  Feel the peaceful setting of the splendid kayak preserve while kayaking for thirty minutes, get out to take a nature walk on a trail for thirty minutes, then head back into the kayak for the trip back.  Plant life, fish, and nature!  This is tidal, so it is only offered at certain times of the year. Call to reserve your spot. Restrooms available. Guided only for Groups of four or more. 

#4 FRESH SPRINGS PRIVATE FAMILY TOUR $300/family of up to six persons!  2 hrs. West of Jax in the Santa Fe River, where we explore several fresh water springs.  Arrive 10am--2pm (swim in clear water & kayak).  Advanced planning needed for this day trip. 

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