KAYAK GHOST TOURS - Kayak Zen & Amelia Island Adventures
  • To book with us, simply call and provide your credit card (even if you have a discount, you will need to provide a credit card for security of the equipment). A valid drivers license is required upon arrival. 
  • You must confirm by email "agree" to the info below.
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  •  Weather: You are in charge of checking the weather. Check the weather 90mn prior to tour because the weather changes all the time. We do not reschedule or refund you if it rains while you're kayaking, so bring a poncho. 55-86 is typically acceptable temps..
  • Reschedules: All reschedules and cancellations are charged $10 per person if less than a week prior to your reservation. You must reschedule your reservation at the time of cancellation. No shows or same day cancellations are not rescheduled. 
  • Severe weather (lightning, high winds, or pouring rain forcasted 90mn prior to tour), If  we cancel your tour for severe weather, you are not charged a fee. 
  • Kayak care: DO NOT STEP IN OR ON YOUR KAYAK!!  (This cracks the seat beyond repair, and you will be buying the kayak!) *No dragging the kayaks over the cement--you agree to pay for any damages. Do paddle near oyster beds!
  • Bringwater, change of clothes, snacks, sunscreen, towel, cell phone case.
  • Rules: Must be in good physical condition, under 245lbs and be a proficient swimmer. You must be willing to walk into knee deep water if necessary.  Wear your life vest., No alchohol allowed on the kayaks or at the boat ramp.  Stay on the directed route. Stay and hear your group. No loud voices, firearms, or bumper boating.  You must assist with re-racking your kayak when you are finished kayaking.  
  • Time: Stay with the kayaks until the kayak trailer arrives. You are to babysit the equipment until your return time (any equipment loss, you will be charged)..  Patiently wait until your scheduled return time, because we cannot return sooner if your finished early. 
  • Dispose of all of your trash in the trash cans. 
  • Leave us a happy review on tripadvisor.com or on our fb page.  
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