KAYAK GHOST TOURS - Kayak Zen & Amelia Island Adventures

KAYAK Self-guided Tours 
10155702 311072822383845 7191800230268160208 nRomantic kayaking in a lovely location with trees, birds,fish jumping, and fresh air. We show you a safe one way up and back route for peaceful kayaking in calm water in the Amelia Island Area. Easy and inexpensive. 
*Summer 8:45am arrive for 9am put-in

Paddleboard Fun!
Cool get wet adventure in calm water only.  Mini-instruction to learn the safety, balance, and maneuvers then practice on your own, 4-6persons $150
*Summer 8:00am

Guided KayakTours 
  • $55/person (3 person minimum for guided tours)
  • 7am, 9:15am, or 6pm (depending on availability)
  • Yulee, Amelia Island, Jax, and the Fresh Springs

To book with us, simply call and provide your name, phone, email, credit card. Advanced reservations. We now sell Malibu Kayaks.

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