Eco Easy Self-Guided Kayak Tours

The best way to kayak Amelia Island on a budget! If you are looking for a less expensive kayak tour, private and at your own pace, this is the tour for you!  Our self-guided tour provides use of a kayak, paddle, life vest, beverage and a snack. We will meet you at the boat ramp, get you set up in your kayaks, instruct you on a simple one-way-up-and-back direction, and then you are off on your own 2-hour kayak adventure!

This is our most popular area for self-guided kayak tours of Amelia Island thanks to its inland calm waters. The Eco- Easy guided kayak tour will take you through beautiful forested wetlands teeming with native wildlife. You may experience turtles, alligators, red-headed woodpeckers, hawks, and possibly even a pirate or two!


Your relaxing 2-hour paddle will bring you through the black water lined by cypress trees, sweet gum trees, pine trees, Spanish moss, arrowroot, wild azalea, and so much more.  You will enjoy  your tour on this fresh water creek with the characteristic black or 'stained' water that comes from tannic acid formed as plants decay.  This creates a transparent, acidic water that reflects the scenery around it like a mirror.  This makes for an amazing eco tour and beautiful photographic opportunities.

Because this waterway is protected from the direct coastal elements, it is much more calm, and makes the ideal choice for all skill level of paddlers. Being only minutes from Amelia Island, it makes for the perfect self-guided kayak tour adventure for all groups!

What to bring:




*Shoes you don't mind getting wet

*Towel / Change of clothes if desired

About Melton Nelson Boat Ramp:

*Restrooms available

*Picnic tables available

*Dock available

*Parking in designated area

Cost of this tour:
$40 per single kayak
$80 per tandem kayak
Tour duration: 2 hours

What's provided:

*Use of kayak


*Life jacket

*Water or Gatorade-type drink


*Complimentary photo at boat ramp

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